Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Express Autocare offers you a full Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning service in Peterborough.

The job of the DPF is to limit the emissions that come out of your car in order to meet modern emissions standards – if yours doesn’t, your car will fail its MOT. DPFs tend to get blocked up with soot when the vehicle is used mainly for short, slow urban journeys – this never gives the filter the chance to properly clear itself. Once the DPF is blocked you may notice black smoke coming out of your exhaust, or a light may come on in your dash to alert you.

This DPF is completely blocked with ash deposits.

After a full 931/932 clean, the same DPF is restored to its factory condition and ready to go again.

Express Autocare can solve this problem for you by using the latest, powerful DPF cleaning technology which will remove all the soot and ash from the filter, and restore it to almost as good as new – at a much lower cost than replacing the filter.

As part of our Advanced DPF Cleaning process, we run a diagnostic scan to find the cause of the issue. We use a 3-stage process with water-based environmentally friendly products, approved by many manufacturers and warranty companies. Then we use software designed specifically for DPF regeneration, and reset any error codes using main dealer procedures.

Express Autocare is your local AA Certified independent garage in Peterborough, where you can rely on professionalism in all aspects of our business including quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and competitive, transparent pricing.

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